White Vegan Collar
White Vegan Collar

White Vegan Collar

Say hello to the easiest-ever-to-care-for collar! No more worry over fading, staining, or stinking - just rinse off after a rough and tumble play sesh or a cow pie encounter, and like magic this beauty will be good as new. This stunning white shade will stand out beautifully against your dog's coat and makes a classic statement of simple sophistication.

This collar is handmade in the US using heavy-duty Beta BioThane, a web coated nylon that is completely waterproof, odor proof, and dirt proof. The coating of BioThane is leather-like, making it a great vegan alternative to leather dog products. 

Sizes (Please allow two-finger gap when measuring your dog's neck for these collars):

S 10 - 12 inches
M 12 - 15 inches
L 16 - 19 inches
XL 20 - 23 inches