Rope Dog Seatbelt
Rope Dog Seatbelt
Rope Dog Seatbelt

Rope Dog Seatbelt

We all want to keep our dogs as safe as possible. If your dog loves a good car ride or you have a road trip coming up, help them stay extra secure and reduce risk of injury with a seatbelt! 


- Keeps your fur child safe in the car
- Dramatically reduces the chance of traffic related dog injuries
- Helps prevent ejection from the vehicle
- Minimizes the body’s contact with the interior
- Designed for optimal pet safety and security

What makes this product special:

- Strength tested materials only
- Rope strength - Approx. 1,500 lbs tensile strength
- Specially forged high-strength hardware
- Built with knotting techniques from rock climbing industry
- No accidental release
- Handcrafted in the USA
- All products are individually inspected before shipping

No Accidental Release:

While traditional dog seat belt systems can lower the risk of traffic related injuries for your pet, one of their biggest flaws is accidental release in the event of the dog stepping on the buckle. With this product, you’ll never have to worry about this unnecessary risk. This is a dog-proof design built so that only humans can safely release it.

To Install:

Directly attach it to the latch bars in between your vehicle’s backseat crease. Then attach to your dogs harness to firmly secure your pet in place.

Please note: this product is designed for use with a harness for added safety. Do NOT use directly on collars.

Size: M/L, 26" length. Ideal for dogs 25-80lbs.