Purifying Lavender + Tea Tree Natural Shampoo

Calm and renew while gently cleansing your dog's skin and fur with this soothing blend of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. Aside from the relaxing fragrance and cleansing abilities, other special properties in Lavender and Tea Tree oils include relieving muscle joint pain, a natural acting antiseptic, and the capacity to alleviate unpleasant skin conditions like dandruff and skin irritations. Bottle is 18 oz.

Active Ingredients:


+ Excellent for calming dogs that are fearful, anxious and hyperactive. 

+ Provides light relief and healing when applied to dry and itchy skin.

+ Helpful at repelling ticks and fleas.

+ It's natural fragrance is an effective and pleasant way to control pet odor.

Tea Tree:

+ Considered the "miracle worker" of essential oils!

+ Helps to relax and alleviate muscle and joint pain.

+ A powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial oil, it works to combat everything from dander and dry skin to serious conditions, bites and hot spots.

+ An immune stimulant that helps your pet bounce back faster from ailments.

+ Effective pest and parasite repellant.