Leash Bag Wildflowers

Leash Bag Wildflowers

We've all been on a walk with our dog when suddenly they hunch over and, well, you know - do their business. As you reach into your bag or check your pockets, you realize OH SH*T (pun-intended) - you forgot the poop bags at home. Then follows that shameful moment where you try to avoid eye contact with all other people walking by and run off with your dog hoping no one notices that special gift left behind.

Getting caught without poop bags stinks (okay, okay, we're done with the puns) but there's an easy and stylish solution - a beautiful leash bag holder! These bags feature a beautiful floral design, a grommet for easy bag dispensing, and a 2" carabiner that allows them to clip to almost any leash handle. So now you can forget that walk of shame AND up your dog's street style - winning!

Includes one roll of poop bags. Handmade in San Francisco.

Size: 3.25"L x 2"W x 1.5" H

Fabric Content: 55% Linen 45% Organic Cotton Matt Laminated

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Brand: Rex and Bandon