Grapefruit + Sage Deep Cleansing Natural Shampoo

Grapefruit and Sage oils combine to cleanse away harsh smells and keep them at bay. Wonderful for purifying the skin of smells, this combination of oils is a great deep cleanser that will lift grime off of your pet's skin and coat leaving them shiny too! Bottle is 18 oz.

Active Ingredients:


+ Famous for its detoxifying abilities

+ A deep cleanser that helps to clear away nitty gritty fungal infections or a severely oily coat

+ A natural antitumoral, antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-depressant

+ Strong and citrusy natural fragrance is enough to make even the stinkiest pet smelling fresh!


+ An anti-depressant and antispasmodic, deodorant, sage is well known for creating a calming effect while it deeply cleanses even the oiliest of fur and hair

+ When paired with Grapefruit, it makes for a powerful deep cleanser, deodorizer and mood uplifter that also results in the shiniest of coats


*This product is not for use during animal pregnancy and is not for cats.