Flea + Tick Natural Repellant Spray

Spray this on your pup before your next outdoor adventure to naturally keep away pests!

This formula is made with ingredients that are chemical and pesticide free, with a unique blend of essential oils to safely deter fleas, ticks, biting flies, and mosquitos. 10 oz.

Active Ingredients:


+ Repels insects because Its natural scent is unappealing to insects

+ Effective at inhibiting bacterial and fungal infections infections

+ Antiseptic and Astringent properties help to quickly heal and prevent skin irritations


+ Excellent insect and parasite repellant, it works by masking scents that are attractive to insects

+ Inhibits fungal growth

+ Promotes filtering of toxins through blood and sweat


+ Excellent mosquito and insect repellant

+ Anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints 

+ Cures fungal infections and supports healthy skin


+ Naturally deterrent against mosquitoes and flying insects

+ Widely considered the best essential oil in natural pet therapies.

+ Promotes circulations which makes it a great moisturizer and skin soother 

+ A powerful detoxifier, great at cleansing the skin and fur of impurities.