Arroyo Leash

Arroyo Leash

You can feel the desert breeze and hear the crunch of the stones under your feet as you and your dog explore the beautiful valleys and look up in awe at the giant mountains together. The Arroyo leash takes you there instantly, even if you might just be walking around the block with your pup. This design is inspired by the adventurer, the dog who will explore any corner of the world by your side.

Made from super soft, ultra durable, colorfast webbing, this leash performs amazing both outdoors and in water. All hardware is black anodized steel. Designed and crafted in Southern California.

Small / Puppy: 4' length, .75" wide, best for dogs approx 7 - 20 lbs

Medium: 4' length, 1" wide, best for dogs approx 20 - 120 lbs

Large: 6' length, 1" wide, best for dogs approx 20 - 120 llbs

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Brand: Leeds Dog Supply