About Us

Why isn't it easier to find well-crafted pet products with unique and beautiful designs? This was a question that stuck with us while shopping for our dog June. With this at the forefront of our minds, we set out to create a highly curated shop with practical, yet unique and artfully crafted products for dogs - and the people who love them. 

Meet the Founders

Pete and Kalina Stormer

Behind the Name

Hunter was Pete's family pet that he picked out himself - a lovable and, come to find out, not quite purebred golden retriever. One of our favorite things about Hunter was watching him join in on a secret handshake between Pete and his father by barking and jumping enthusiastically between them.
June is our dog that we own together now. She's a sweet and timid pug mix rescue with a big underbite and even bigger heart. She changed our lives the second we looked into her big pug eyes at the shelter. It's been so inspiring to watch her slowly overcome her fears and see her HUGE personality come to life.
Both of these pets have left their pawprints on our hearts, and we celebrate them by naming our shop after two of our best friends.
Hunter & June - a nod to the past and the present, the purebred and the rescue, to all the animals that deserve the very best for being part of our lives.