Terra Rambler 3-in-1 Leather Leash

Terra Rambler 3-in-1 Leather Leash

These stunning leather leashes are both beautiful and multifunctional! Handcrafted in New York from buffalo leather, the warm brown hue is classic and elegant. Reposition the handle for a short lead, unsnap the handle for a temporary tie up, walk two dogs at the same time by attaching their collars to the bolt snaps, go hands free, or use o-ring for attaching a spare key or a leash bag holder. So many possibilities with one leash!

Think your pup would look extra snazzy in the matching leather set? We think so too. Find the Terra Rambler Leather Collar here.


Leash Width: 3/4"
Hands Free: 56"
Standard Lead: 47"
Short Lead: 31"


    Solid Brass O Ring
    Solid Brass Swivel Snap
    Hand Stamped copper rivets for strong durability
    Hand tacked cream thread
    Embossed Billy Wolf Logo
    Handcrafted in the New York

      Brand: Billy Wolf