Valentine's Day Gifts for You & Your Dog

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Whether you're single or taken this Valentine's Day, don't forget the one who has always had your back. We've rounded up some gifts for that special (four-legged) someone, as well as some goodies for the dog-obsessed.

1) BAE Hoodie, $38 - dog is bae. that is all.
2) Doggie Champagne (Rosé and Regular available, In-store only), $15 - forget going out.. stay home and have a glass (or a bottle, no one's judging) of champagne with your dog.
3) Hand-Painted Leather Leash Taupe & Light Pink, $68 - something special for the one who will never leave your side. Well okay, they might for a second if a big squirrel comes along, but hey that's what the leash is for!
4) Loyal AF Charm/ID Tag in Black & Blush, $16/$21- because TRUTH.
5) Grain Free Dog Treat Pack - Burger & Fries (In-store only), $8 - skip the fancy meal this year and stay in to eat burgers and fries with your pup. Best VDay dinner ever.
6) Hedgehog Rope Toy, $15 - give them the gift of a new friend to love and snuggle and chew on.


1) Matching Vintage NASH Beanie / NASH Bandana, $34/$14 - who doesn't want to match with their dog?
2) Dogs Are Cooler Than People Candle (In-store only), $21 - well, we all know it's true.
3) Embroidered Dog Mom Hat Blush, $29 - dog moms unite!
4) "I Love My Dog" French Tee, $32 - telling people how much you love your dog sounds (and looks) even more delightful in French.


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