Four Tips for Camping With Your Dog

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It's that beautiful time of the year when the morning feels crisp and the leaves start to burst with fiery color. If you're like us, you're getting the itch to go on a camping trip! And what better way to enjoy nature than with your pup at your side? However, before you pack up that camping gear and load the pup up in the car, there are a few things to keep in mind!

tips for camping with dogs hunter & june

1. Make sure the campground where you're going (and any hiking trails you'd like to go on) are dog friendly! It's not a good feeling to get all the way to your campsite only to realize that your pup isn't welcome. Do a little research beforehand to ensure you and your dog are able to enjoy the trip together!
2. Don't forget the poop bags! Avoid that sinking feeling when you're caught without something to clean up the mess with, and be sure to pack those poop bags before you head out!
3. It never hurts to be prepared - bringing a pet first aid kit can give you peace of mind and help you be ready if something happens. Click here to see the Humane Society's list of what a pet emergency kit should include. 
4. Your dog will most likely be required to stay on a leash while at the campsite. Ensure you have a good tether or leash to keep pup from wandering to visit some other campers!
Enjoying nature with your pet is the best. Now that you're ready to tackle camping with your doggo in tow, check out our Camping Gift Guide! We've rounded up our top products you'll need to make camping a breeze.
Hunter & June Camping Gift Guide 
Remember when we said not to forget the poop bags? Yeah, this one's key. This canvas leash bag allows for a travel-friendly option to carry your bags and pick up after your pet. Not only are these beautiful and practical, but they also include a roll of eco-friendly poop bags! Also available in two nature-prints, Monstera Leaf and Light Floral.
 Recycled Grey Rope Leash
You're going to want a durable leash that keeps your pup by you while at the campsite. Our Grey Recycled Rope Leash is where tough meets pretty. Hand-crafted from up-cycled textiles, it is an eco-conscious option to traditional leashes. And it's mega adjustable! The two brass rings move throughout the thread of the rope, meaning you can adjust for a handle, to go hands-free with the leash around your waist, or to secure your dog to something stationary at camp. Also, the threaded carabiner allows for extra security. Also available in a beautiful blush.
Buffalo Red Check Collar Hunter & june 
Is there anything that says camping quite like a buffalo check pattern? We love the beautiful red color (it looks stunning against a dog's coat), but you know what we love even more? This collar is actually made from recycled plastic bottles! Help the planet and outfit your dog: best of both worlds.
Red Infinity Scarf Hunter & June
Those outdoor nights can get chilly, so keep your pup warm as he snuggles with you by the fire in an adorable scarf! Also available in charcoal and navy.
Doggie S'more Treats, $8 (In-Store Only)
 S'more Dog Treat Hunter & June
Your dog wants a campfire treat, too! This is a healthy option that they're sure to love. These goodies are hand-crafted with love here in Nashville using grain-free flour and unsweetened carob.

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