The Dogs Behind The Name: Meet Hunter & June

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When picking out the name for our business, we went over hundreds (and we do mean hundreds) of different options. We finally landed on Hunter & June, naming our shop after two dogs that truly left their paw prints on our hearts. Here is a little bit more about each of these sweet pups!
Meet Hunter
Hunter was Peter's childhood dog. He has since passed, but lived a vivacious life full of snuggles and treats. He was a HUGE golden retriever (it's possible a bit of another breed had snuck in there somehow). 
Hunter's favorite thing in the world was a secret handshake shared between the Stormer men. Peter and his dad would start in on a handshake known only by them, and Hunter would instantly join in by barking and jumping up and down in between them. It wasn't complete without Hunter putting in his two cents on the secret Stormer shake!
Meet June
June is our first dog that we have owned together. She is a sweet and quirky rescue pup that we adopted from the Nashville Humane Society. We instantly fell in love with that underbite and forever puppy face!
Being a rescue, June is very shy to warm up to anyone new, but once you're on her list of "cool people" she will love you forever! This has never been an issue with meeting new dogs however - she can't wait to say hello to a furry friend.


Each of these dogs is so special to us. We hope that by naming our business after Hunter and June, we do them a small honor and help share our love for them with other pups and owners who enjoy our products!

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