RECIPE: Two-Ingredient Watermelon Ice Cream for Dogs

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Watermelon Ice Cream for Dogs
This two-ingredient ice cream is super easy to make, and your dog will absolutely love it! Not to mention the adorable photos you can take as they gobble down their tasty summer treat 😍 🍉
watermelon ice cream for dogs hunter & june
1 ½ cups frozen watermelon
¼ cup yogurt (or you can sub with coconut milk for a dairy-free option)
1) Dice melon and remove all seeds
2) Freeze melon for a minimum of 4 hours*
*tip- prep the night before you want to make this treat and freeze overnight!
3) Add frozen melon and yogurt (or coconut milk) to blender
4) Blend, add more fruit or yogurt to desired consistency
5) Serve (and take cute pics!)
This yummy treat is perfect to help your pup cool down during these hot summer days. Serve it after a walk or play sesh for your good boy or girl!

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