Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Moms

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Being a dog mom is no easy feat. From cleaning up accidents, to surprise vet visits, to going on walks after work (when they're tired and would probably rather just sit on the couch), dog moms handle it all in stride. They deserve some love this Mother's Day, too! We rounded up some fun, playful, and unique gift ideas to help you celebrate those special ladies who rock at pup parenting.
Hunter & June Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Moms
1) Mauve Patterned Bandana x2, $44: Matching with your pet is always a good idea. Give her a matching bandana with her pup! She can rock hers as a neck tie or hair tie, and her dog can wear the same design too! Just be prepared for the cuteness overload and onslaught of adorable Instagram photos that are sure to ensue 😍
2) Can I Bring My Dog Tee, $32: The one thing she always asks before committing to plans. Get her a shirt that presents the question right up front!
3) Embroidered Dog Mom Hat Grey, $29: She's not a regular dog mom, she's a cool dog mom. And as such, she deserves a beautiful hat that says as much!
4) Hunter & June Gift Card: Give a gift she's SURE to love - the gift of choice! With her gift card, she can pick out whatever her heart desires from our shop!
5) "I Love My Dog" French Tee, $32: She'll love this elegant and unique French tee that shows off her love for her dog wherever she goes.
We hope this little guide sparks some fun ideas for spoiling your favorite dog mom this Mother's Day! If you're still needing some inspiration, consider some of the following activities to show her some love.
1) A visit to a dog-friendly brewery: Snag a drink, relax outside, and raise your glass to the world's best dog mom!
2) A hike or trip to the park: If she enjoys being active and getting outside, take her and the pup on a surprise trip to enjoy the outdoors.
3) Offer to watch the pup for the day: Maybe she'd like a little break! Offer to watch the dog for her if she might like some time and space to herself or take a day trip away.


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