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We are excited to introduce a new series for our blog: Dog People Of Note in Music City! In this series we will be highlighting awesome dog people who are doing cool things in our town. Read on to learn about projects they're working on, life in Nashville with their dogs (including favorite dog-friendly spots), how they knew their dog was the one, and more!

First up, let's meet Krystal Douglas of Music City Sewing and her dog Watson.


A little bit about Krystal:

Krystal is a seamstress and the owner of Music City Sewing. She has made clothes for artists including Bon Jovi, Greta Van Fleet, and Lauren Daigle, and her work was recently featured in American Vogue. In addition to making clothing for rockstars, her company stitches the final details onto merch for artists. In her free time, she enjoys heading down to the farm with her dog and riding her rescue mustang.

 Krystal Douglas and Watson, Dog People of Note in Music City, Hunter & June

What's your dog's name and breed?

Watson! He’s a shih tzu - he’s nine years old but still acts like a puppy.

How did you know Watson was the one?

When I went to the breeder I had asked to see the runt of the litter- I had already seen a photo of him on her website and his big Disney-dog eyes stole my heart. When I walked in and held him in person he sunk his head into my chest and stared at me and I knew he was meant to be mine! He has been my sidekick ever since- He’s fit into my lifestyle perfectly, from being the hypoallergenic shop dog to the go-with-the-flow travel companion. 


What's your favorite thing about Watson?

He’s the most extroverted, loving dog to everyone he meets! He knows zero strangers and always wants to love on/give kisses to everyone who comes by.


What are some of your fave dog friendly spots/things to do in Nashville?

Watson loves the patio at Drifters if there’s live music going on. I think it has something to do with the bbq and all the friendly faces! We also live close to Shelby Bottoms so it’s a convenient drive to go smell new stuff and stretch our legs. Watson’s more obsessed with people than dogs, so dog parks don’t really excite him too much- he’s all about the drive-through line and people. 


If Watson were a character from any TV show, who would he be and why?

I’d have to say he’s the dog version of Steve Buscemi- just look at him and you’ll see it 🤣


What are three of your fave products from Hunter & June?

I’m OBSESSED with Watson’s watercolor bandana!! He gets so many compliments- and bonus points for the leather hang tag on it that coincidentally says ‘W’ (note from H&J: this bandana is sadly sold out). Next favorite item would be the “can I bring my dog’ sweatshirt because it’s always my immediate question (Watson goes EVERYWHERE with me). And finally that hand painted leather leash is downright GORGEOUS. Omg.

You can learn more about Krystal and her business at the link below: 


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