Best Houseplants for Dog Parents that are Completely Pet Safe

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Did you know a lot of houseplants are actually quite toxic for dogs? When we were researching what types of plants to put in our shop, we were shocked with how many plants aren't considered completely safe for pups. To help us get to the bottom of this, we went to the experts at Nashville-based plant shop Lawrence & Clarke Cacti Company, and they helped us narrow down the best options for greenery for our space. They were so incredibly helpful that we wanted to share their awesome insight with you! L&C has four top plant recommendations for dog parents that are easy to care for (because LBH, we're busy enough caring for our pets as it is!), non-toxic, and beautiful.

1) Spider plants
2) Calatheas
3) Peperomias
4) Air plants
We hope you find this guide helpful and feel confident in outfitting your home with some lovely, dog-safe greenery! If you're in the Nashville area, be sure to swing by Lawrence & Clarke in Old Hickory for your plant needs. And if you're not based in our neck of the woods, check out your local plant shop for some green goodness!

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