6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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The dog days of summer are upon us! Warmer weather means more fun outdoor activities with our pets. These tips will help your dog stay cool and comfortable in these rising temps so that you can keep them healthy and enjoy many more summer excursions together!
6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer
1. Add ice to their water. After a nice long walk or playdate outside, add a little ice to your dog’s water to help them cool off faster.
2. Freeze a rope toy. This is a fun way to help your pup cool off! Wet and freeze a rope toy. During a hot day, offer the frozen toy to your dog to help keep them cool while they play in the heat.
3. Bring a collapsible water bowl on walks. Offering water frequently when outside can keep your dog comfortable and prevent overheating. If you’re out on a walk, keeping water handy at all times can help your dog stay cool.
4. Add water to their play. If your dog is comfortable in and/or around water, use it to your advantage! Take walks by creeks where they can get in and cool down, or get a plastic kiddy pool for your yard for those really hot days.
5. Exercise your pet in the morning and/or evening. Avoiding the hottest parts of the day when walking your dog, visiting the dog park, or exercising them will help avoid heat stroke and keep them healthy.
6. Stick to the shade when you can. That summer sun can be brutal, and for your pup who’s covered in fur, even more so. Stay in the cooler shade when possible – opt for walks and parks where you know shade is more readily available.
We wish you and your pup a summer filled with fun outdoor adventures! Stay cool out there, folks 😎🐾

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